Wanting what you have

As I made the trip across town this morning I drifted to memories from years ago….

I used to be judgmental about people who didn’t strive for more in life…I realized several years ago this was all ego based on my part.  I didnt dislike them or look down on them. I simply didnt understand why they didnt want more. They did their 9 to 5’s, working, going home and repeating this every day. They were living while I was striving for more….stuck in a vicious, stressful cycle that cost me my health sometimes. I was so busy being worried about being financially secure that I wasnt aware that I already had that security. Once I let go of that attachment I had what those people had….less stress and more happiness. I believe my self-created situation came from childhood and inner misery. I needed something to concentrate on and I had to have, A MUST HAVE, fall back plan…growing up my Mom never had a fall back plan, unless you count my Grandpa. He was the best man in my life growing up.

I am very blessed to have what I have.

I am so grateful for the people in my life…this is where my core wealth lies. I was so unhappy in my relationship and within that I concentrated on things like saving, paying off debt, no debt…I am not saying that’s a bad thing, but life is about more than that. I can’t take financially security or material things with me when I go.

I now live….I still have a fall back plan, but I know that life is about more than financial gain or material things. Wealth lies in your life itself….your children, your partner, your friends. Wealth is in the love you feel for others. It is carried in your heart…in your memories.

I feel, today, I am wealthier than I have ever been and it’s not in the bank…its in life.

I want what I have….

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