Tuesday of my life

Checking out or checking in

It’s always about making everyone happy, they push and pull

Demand and guilt

until the branch snaps

I am tired of living like this

I know it sounds childish, but “what about me”

It’s always been easy to be seen and not heard

To run and hide

I desire very little and it avoids me like the plague

The brother who calls when he needs his bills paid or a ride to the airport

The Mother….I have no words other than she tries

The partner who loves me but chose another body above me

My bed, the only safe refuge I have right now, my room, alone

Sometimes I sleep on his side of the bed to try to get next to him

I am not even sure he would call it his side

My daughter, my sweet baby, who is a grown woman

Depression?? No. Unhappy? can’t run and hide from that

So where do I start to fix the broken branch?

Welcome to the Tuesday of my life….

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