Slow realizations 

I woke up renewed this morning. Many times you have to hit bottom or preverbial bottom before you realize whats in front you. Common sense? Slow realizations…I feel, not common sense. The only thing thats sure is our own self. That’s what we control, our own self..our feelings, our emotions. Granted we can be greatly affected by people in our immediate lives, but at the end of the day how we react is soley our decision. I have been hurt, lied to, betrayed…..I have been through a lot. I’ve let people drag me down, I’ve wasted time worrying about outcomes that were completely out of my control. I believe there are greater forces at work in the Universe for us in determining our fate. 

Jobs, relationships…daily life…how we react to it is our decision.  We can’t force people to like, love or be honest to us or with us, we can only accept whats is put in front of us and make the best of any situation we are given. So I have decided to stop worrying.. remember who I AM and what I AM capable of and move forward. I have good feelings about this coming year and my years to follow. They are what I make them to be. 

Today I am most grateful  for slow, sometimes painful realizations.  

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