The Waltz

(Over time I will be moving all of my pieces from a blog I kept a few years ago, hence the dates. I have been receiving some feedback which in encouraging me to share more. Thanks for stopping thru….peace)



Posted on July 2, 2014
The Waltz

Every relationship is made up of a dance. Each dance is very different from any other you experience in your life. Through each promenade you will learn new moves and bring your experiences forward. When you have waited long enough you have arrived at The Waltz, the perfect dance between two souls. Your palm fits perfectly into his; the warmth of his hand in the small of your back is the place where you cannot tell where you begin and he ends. He moves with you, next to you and in step with you, in triple time, finding the perfect rhythm only the two of you can create. The sound of his voice, his touch, the smell of his skin, and the way he kisses you serenades you and creates a piece only the two of you will know as your own. When the two of you have chosen each other as partners for The Waltz you will know. You will feel in your soul that this is the last dance of your lifetime, The Waltz.

Written April 16, 2013


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