To let me love you….

What this means…..

It means I will support you unconditionally, that there is no judgement in the things you have done prior to here or what you do, unless it is detrimental to you, me or us. When you ask my opinion I will give it freely, even if it’s not what you want to hear. I will be your 3 am or 7 pm on any given day. I will respect you, your words, thoughts and actions. I will love you for you, not what you are or are not and not what you could be. I accept you wholly the way you are.

It means I will be insecure sometimes and need your kindness and tenderness. I will have an interest in the things you enjoy and try new things with you. I will work towards a future with you and beside you if that’s the path we choose. I will honor you as my other half and as your individual self.

To let me love you means that I will be respectful of you and your feelings.

To let me love you means that I trust you without abandon unless you give me reason not too

But I am not so sure you can love me…….even close to the same.

Its funny the things that strike you to write about….


5 thoughts on “To let me love you….

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  1. Wow! This was beautiful. Love truly is unconditional. If there is a condition to it, then its not truly love. I am glad you mentioned there will be no judgement unless it is a detriment to themselves or both parties in the relationship. Unconditional love is agreeing to the rules of the relationship even if crossing any lines means the end of the relationship. Even then, you can still unconditionally love that person outside of the confines of the relationship. It’s simply a choice! Great job! You truly added great value to my day!

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    1. I am honored by your words!! Your thoughts resonate with me…it is very rare in this time if one can find someone who can love them without condition. People place value on love based on what they can get or gain. So sad…if we all love each other without condition how much different would our world be?? Peace to you today and all days.


      1. I agree! Your writing is amazing. I am actually looking for another co-author for my blog to at least occasionally post. I have a big vision for my blog that nobody else is doing quite like I am and would want everyone who loves to write, to be a part of. If you go to the menu tab on my blog page and select “contact”, you can fill a communication form there and I’ll send you more details via email.

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      2. Hello! I sent you an email earlier this after. I sent two because i wasn’t sure if my first one went through. E-mail me back when you get it. Please and thank you! 🙂


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