A Sunday kind of vibe…..

Sundays for some are for making breakfast for their families or lovers sleeping late after midnight secrets and deep conversation.

Sundays for me are about reflection…where I am going and what I am doing. They are for cups of coffee, left over laundry and the stillness of my home. They are for gym classes with new friends and emptying my thoughts. An hour of challenge, both mental and physical. Mentally to stay centered and physically to see what my body can endure. Sundays are for words and writing….redirecting my thoughts. They are for dry cereal in a bowl and a nap across my bed.

Sundays are for dreamers….who dream of sleeping late because of deep conversation or making breakfast for those they love. Dreamers who dream alone. Those who imagine what life could be like otherwise….thats what Sundays are for.


Happy Sunday in your life

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