Kindness or something like that….

A selfless act…to do for others with a pure heart, without expectation.

Today I spent lunch with two new girlfriends. During our brief time together,  I received several gifts, a book and a bracelet, but more importantly human connection. Last night was rough. Sometimes we don’t understand why we say the things we say, treat people the way we do or moreover why we are the recipient of these actions. I know I am tired, a tired that is indescribable. Sleep evades me, throughout the night and even today when I feel that’s what my body craves the most. Maybe it’s not sleep, but some inner peace, free from thoughts and free from the static of the outside world. Sometimes I think I ask for too much, which is in reality very little. I should not seek anything from others that I first cannot find in myself.

How are you kind to yourself?

What do you do for you?

And where is your peace found?

And in what ways can I be more kind to those around me?

How could I have handled that situation differently?

These are the answers I seek today when my soul is weary….

A stranger said yesterday “Frist you have to save your self, then you can surrender to love”, she is wise.

Self-love ❤ Self-care ❤ Self-aware ❤

The journey to happiness begins within

Peace for your Friday


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