We have been looking at your little face for the last few days and somehow I felt like you needed us. The sadness in your picture spoke volumes. I left a message at the animal foundation with all of your information this morning and I semi patiently waited. So…. patience isn’t my strong suit and we started out across town to go get you. And then they called, you were still there!!! The trip seemed so short knowing you were there. I told Ash if you weren’t there I wasn’t coming home with any other dogs yet. It was you…only you.

We discussed names and then there you were, Winston. The new boy who would silently and instantly creep into my heart without hesitation.

I wasn’t expected to be greeted, or not, by such a fragile soul. I fell in love with the light brown of your eyes and your terrified and skittish demeanor. You caught me. It was over.

You wouldn’t even see if we belonged to you at first. I knew that you had to pick us, it was your choice. Every noise and every movement terrified you. You ended up in the corner of the play yard still wanting nothing to do with us or the treats we tried to entice you with. Shaking and cowering like the world had beaten you. Its okay, recently I let the world get to me too. I admit, I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of your bite, but I took the chance. I loved you and talked to you as much as you would let me. You walked a little with me and then you let your new sissy love you too. Eventually you  laid down and let me rub your belly and face, even closed your eyes to enjoy the touch and love I don’t think you have ever known. You are only two my sweet boy and there was no wagging tail, no surety in your eyes. I don’t even think you know what its like to be really loved. You let my girl love you too. She knew. I knew. And finally, Winston, you knew. You ended up in my arms with your head on my chest. You were home.

Winston came into the shelter 4 days prior with his Mom and sibling. One was adopted and one went to a rescue shelter. Winston waited for us. I knew as soon as the woman walked around the corner with him, he was ours. How could someone not love him? I believe he has suffered some sort of abuse or just lack of human contact, which is abuse in itself to me. Every one needs human touch.

No more lonely nights for any of us. We needed him and he needed us.

So tonight he is being fixed and getting his shots updated and tomorrow afternoon he comes home. For good. He has a new bed, a crate with a comfy mat, new toys , dishes, treats and food. I am so excited for him to settle into his new normal and I am more than lucky to be able to love him.

So Winston, welcome home!! We promise to love you for all of our days!!!  ❤

***(the first picture in the grid is the one from the shelter, the one that drew us in)

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