Fractured Light……

“We see them as they cannot, will not, see each other–we see his heart in the way he looks at her; we see her soul calling out for his every touch. It would be so easy if they could only see inside each other as we can.

And yet, there is beauty in the way they find each other: slowly, in a fragile dance of sidelong glances and accidental touches. To see them come together, souls binding without knowing each other as we do, without being certain of what the other’s heart holds, is to learn something new…Faith.”
~ Amie Kaufman, Their Fractured Light

Welcome to the Sunday in your life….
Fractured light…
The Girl..
The man
His words
The way he listens, without judgement
Domestic days
Midnight walks in the park
Healing meals
This life
The people
Words and the way they heal
Cool mornings
Sun on my skin
So many things to be grateful for
Just a few of mine
Peace for your Sunday and every day

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