4:30 am ……already?

4:44 am ….makeup

They bark at something outside and he comes to the door to check on me before he goes back to bed with you

5:38 am… I think about the things I need to accomplish before I leave

6:03 am…I call my Mom

6:15 am…I am at my desk, I need coffee and to put my things away

6:29 am…I think about the 31 minutes I have before the space is full and the energy shifts

8:17 am….I wonder if my girl is up…what day is it? Does she work today?

9:48 am ….I wonder what people fear

10:23 am… I glance at the phone to see if you are up yet.

Waves of emotions….random thoughts and the tasks at hand

12:10 pm …lunch now, or later?…yes, later

What to do with the hour I have. Saving, so I stay in and sit with my friend. She shares her space with me so I get a full lunch hour instead of working through. Periodic conversation about life and work.

1:45 pm… thats all??

2:00 pm…I didn’t even look at the moon last night

4:45 pm ….15 minutes to go

8:33 pm….and you call

10:23 pm…. 6 hours and 7 mins of sleep if I go now

3:03 am, really?

4:30 am ……again….already

The randomness of life and my thoughts that go with it….

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