I havent been here for a while, so what the hell

I see you….I know you come here to see what its like and if you can get a glimpse of what its like without you (not today)

So here are my random facts for this week…

You never know who your true friends are until you need them…see who shows up, you will be amazed

It doesnt matter how loving, giving and caring you are, sometimes the ones you think the most of just arent….

There really are good people still left on this planet and they arent who you think they are

You can have good conversations with strangers too

Sometimes people just don’t get it, “ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!”

Everyone has a story and every story needs to be told

Every situation will teach you something if you sit with it for a moment

Someone can be in your life for 30 years or for a few years and you wont really know them until you need them

Be okay with the way they treat you, even if they are shitty, they show you your worth to them and that you desreve better

Learning more everyday!!

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