Lemon Blueberry Scones

I like to make things I’ve never made before and I love to bake. Over two years ago I made the perfect Cheesecake (something I am not fond of), it is truly a labor of love and turned out perfectly. Anyway, its fall and I have been wanting to bake.

I found a highly rated recipe and went from there, Lemon Blueberry Scones from scratch. As I pulled them from the oven I thought about my Grandma and wondered if she would like them. My Grandparents raised 6 children in rural Ohio and they always had home-cooked meals, nothing quick and easy. Everything took time, patience and a whole lot of love.

My Grandparents were born in 1907 and 1908. My Grandma grocery shopped with a fifty cent piece for the family and she could shop sales at different stores on that. My Mom told me that Grandpa supported the family on $5 a week and also farmed his land. Granted they had fresh vegetables from their garden and always put up food. When you put up food, its canning or other means. My Mom told me that my Grandpa would dig a pit and fill it with straw. He would put cabbage and apples in there and she was always amazed that he could reach in and know exactly where things were. There was also a crock on the porch in the winter that they would layer with grease and hamburger patties.

So tonight when I pulled the scones from the oven I thought about my Grandma, wondering if she would like them, if I bake like she did? I am grateful for my memories and my Mom’s as well and having such good Grandparents.

Here’s to new challenges and good memories.

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