We. Are. All. Broken.

We. Are. All. Broken.

Broken crayons still color…..

How do you hold it in? Better yet…how much longer?

So, yes, broken crayons still color. I function on a daily basis, holding onto sadness, heartache and heart break. Even anger. Happiness too. I  seem to struggle more than not lately. I know its because of what I keep to myself. I never tell anyone everything, after all, who is that trust worthy??? Very few in your life, if you really dig deep, are that true and really want whats best for you. It would be nice if everyone had the same heart and honored the things that you do.

We. Are. All. Broken. 

I am a builder, creator by nature…it comes naturally and easily to strive for a better life. I am not motivated by money, but by love and happiness. People lack that these days….happiness. So many people never fill their cup…enough. I do not envy those who are in constant need of bigger, better and more. If you live a good life and you are a good person, what you need will come and very often in more ways than you can imagine. I believe in treating people well, not how they treat you, but how you would like to be treated. I love people, but that doesn’t mean that I need to interact with all of them. Be wise and careful with your energy. There are some that are miserable within and would like nothing more than for you to sink into that pit with them. Give yourself permission to walk away from that which no longer serves you. Those who do not appreciate you will when there is no longer a you to appreciate. There have been people in my life that so ignorantly wronged me and I moved on without hesitation or a look back….even to this day I do not understand people who think they can continue to try to be a part of your life after the hell they caused.

We. Are. All. Broken.

End game….what do you want? I want a happy life. I am sure people would be surprised at what that consists of for me.

I came and emptied my thoughts….brings a long overdue and temporary peace for now. I know I am not the only broken one……

We. Are. All. Broken.

Like attracts like…..I am attracting like right now and they are good humans..restores my faith in humanity and human kindness. Some broken crayons color the BEST!!!

We. Are. All. Broken.

Color your day beYOUtiful!!!




Thank you for not liking me…..

Thank you for not liking me….

From the way I wear my hair

to the clothes I wear

Thank you for making me apologize

for things I didn’t do wrong

Thank you for not liking

some of my words

Thank you for making me

feel like every other woman

that feels unworthy

Thank you for not liking to

come to my house

Thank you for hurting me

Thank you for untruths

Thank you for making me feel less than

And thank you mostly for making me KNOW

How likable I am…

Thank you for silent assurance that my

heart and love is good

by not liking me really

at all…

Thank you for identifying me as an

asshole or fucking stupid….


Thank you mostly because I know

I am not……

Thank you for breaking me like you

said you would

Thank you for making me pick up my pieces

Thank you for making me know I am strong

For so many things….

I thank you…..

Tuesday of my life

Checking out or checking in

It’s always about making everyone happy, they push and pull

Demand and guilt

until the branch snaps

I am tired of living like this

I know it sounds childish, but “what about me”

It’s always been easy to be seen and not heard

To run and hide

I desire very little and it avoids me like the plague

The brother who calls when he needs his bills paid or a ride to the airport

The Mother….I have no words other than she tries

The partner who loves me but chose another body above me

My bed, the only safe refuge I have right now, my room, alone

Sometimes I sleep on his side of the bed to try to get next to him

I am not even sure he would call it his side

My daughter, my sweet baby, who is a grown woman

Depression?? No. Unhappy? can’t run and hide from that

So where do I start to fix the broken branch?

Welcome to the Tuesday of my life….

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