To the man who’s fearless enough to love me…..

Some days I will be  weak

and others  I will be fiercely strong with an iron will

I have no intention of making you suffer from the scars I carry

its just part of who I am

I will never put you last

or make you feel like you are less than another

I struggle with my demons too….please be patient with me

And please, please stop and think before you speak or feel the need to judge or criticize

I am human and have a tender heart

You have not lived my life or experienced my pain

I love deeply and boldly

I give to the extreme

You are not an option for me ….

You are a conscious choice

The man I choose daily and will continue to do so

You are the one I choose to give my heart to

The one I choose to spend my days and nights with

The one who I will tear down the walls for

and drop the veil with

So, are you fearless enough to love me?



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