Jungle Love…the fabric of friendship


Posted July 21, 2014

Above is Jungle Love…the fabric of our friendship!!!

I have many amazing women in my life but there is one that I have walked a beautiful path with for the last twenty three years. It seems as we go through life we separate on our journey but always manage to meet again in the middle of our dirt road. It doesn’t matter if its five days or five months there is never time in between. We pick up right where we left off.

I met Theresa in 1992 where we worked, we were both in our early twenties. We forged a bond….one that I never would have dreamed would span across the last twenty-two years, marriage, children, life struggles and so much in between. We have this amazing garden of friendship that never needs tending and is always full of beautiful flowers and a lot of love…..its in full bloom all year long.

Theresa is an amazing artist…everything she touches she brings to life. She has been my biggest cheerleader through some of my hardest struggles. I would like to think that I am half of the friend to her that she has been to me. I love to make treasure boxes for her. Yarn to crochet with, note cards, clipped words of encouragement….any special little thing I think she will like. She has always encouraged me in all my creative endeavors and made me feel accomplished and proud of the things I have made and in my writing. She gets the flow of words and the place they come from.

There are reasons why we haven’t seen each other in more than twenty years……but it doesn’t matter. Time falls away when we write or pick up the phone. So many months ago I mentioned that we should crochet a blanket together….make two or more squares of the same color and send each other half of what we make. When we are done we will attach all of them and have a blanket that we will have made together across the miles. So this week ( July 21st) I will pack up 32 squares, a crochet bible and anything else that speaks to me for her and send them to my friend.

As I worked on my squares, I imagined my friends hands making her squares. I could feel the thoughts, emotions, and love put into each square. I have named this afghan “Jungle Love, the fabric of our friendship”. Jungle Love because we listened to the Steve Miller so much when we worked in an office together…Fabric of our friendship because we are weaving all of the years, life, love, struggles, happiness, heartaches…everything life has handed us into the fabric of our blanket. I know many people will look at all the colors and think….what is that? This makes me laugh! It’s not what we are making….but what we have made….its not how we are making it….but HOW we are making it. It’s about friendship, endurance, love, happiness, sadness, and so much more. This afghan is about two women, a loving, easy friendship that has stood the test of time.

So when my friend sends me her squares I will edit this post and add pictures of the finished afghan. I love you Theresa….thank you for your constant presence in my life. I am grateful for you, honor, love and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

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