I have written you a million different times

In as many different ways

On a hundred different days

You never change

The ink does



and other shades too

Let me color your world

with my words


Let me in

where no one else has been

Let me show you what I see

in you


without rejections


without hesitation

Lets dive

to the core

of all that is dark

and seek the light

to emerge

And dive






This day…..

She seeks solace in their bathtub

Candles flicker and shadows dance across the wall

The house is silent

She dries off and slips into the bed they share

She misses him, but knows he will be next to her soon

She falls asleep under the sheets waiting for him

Her back is exposed as well as one leg

The room is cool and

The sun is setting

The room is harmonic hues of soft light

Vanilla falls from her skin and dances across the room

He can smell the scent of her as soon as his keys hit the door

He can taste her kisses which seek only to please him

and he searches for her

He can feel her softness before he finds her

Her dark hair falls across the pillows in soft curls

And he sees her

No one really ever has

He traces her spine with his fingertips

Her breathing is steady and soft

He leans in and tenderly places a kiss behind her ear

She has waited for him…..

(Tequila infused writing, for me,  is writing from a raw layer of what you desire and how wonderful it could be…welcome to my nights)

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