I want the taste


and feel of you

I want to know what it feels like to lay next to you, spent

And to wake up to your warmth in the morning

I want to know your dreams and what drives you

I want to know your scars

trace them and kiss them tenderly

I promise you, there is nothing you can tell me that would drive me away

I dont know what draws me to you

But its unshakable

Breath taking

A common thread?

Do I see a partner to run with?

A soul with whom I resonate

Low lights and candles

Quiet whispers

tender, passionate kisses

Press up against me…you said it

I ache for you

I ache to know you

How is that possible?? I have never laid eyes on you and I am terrified of the day I do, afraid that I will need to kiss you, to touch your hands, to know your energy. I think about kissing you….your hands, your shoulders…legs…chest. Maybe it is you who can’t handle my secrets.

For now…I wait for you….and want you


**Sometimes we write and find it later without memory or recognition. This is one of those pieces…I brushed off the dust and this is whats left. We write about what we want…who…and things we have never had. Desire, dreams and shreds of what we think normal is…what is your normal? Do you settle?


As she puts the key in the door

he is there to greet her

The silence is deafening

but its the language they speak

He shares her meals with her

in their comfortable

and uncomfortable


And accompanies her throughout her day

at home

She finds him in the darkest

and deepest

part of the night

His cold embrace is what greets her

at the end of the day

She knows it well

He occupies the opposite side

of the bed

She whispers to him

and he quietly listens

He knows her greatest



and secrets

“He” is loneliness

and she knows him well

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