Las Vegas

This is my city, our city, our home. So many have preconceived notions about what our city is like. It is not all drugs, prostitution, gangs, rude people and violence, although after last nights events you may think the last part is true. We have homes, jobs and raise families here.

My heart breaks for all the victims of this horrific, violent act. We, as a nation cannot wrap our heads, hearts or minds around this senseless act. I am not one to pray per say, but I have spoken every word I can think of into this Universe for healing and relief not just for our city, but for Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida….for this country as a whole. We are truly falling apart at an alarming rate.

I have watched this city pull together so tough at this time. Unimaginable¬†acts of kindness from this city from opening homes, food, free counseling, transportation home, supplies for volunteers and I am proud of my city…the place I have called home for 30 years. For a brief period people have put away their political beliefs and remembered we are all human.

This is where we have lived, loved and raised our children. This is our home….not a bad place. Just a place where a person decided to commit unspeakable evil. I am sorry and sad for….everyone. I hope that they find some comfort in this trying time.

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