Poker Face

When we watch

and wait


the unknowing

So cool

with your poker face

The one

everyone reads

So calm

and sweating on the inside

Wondering how you are going to remember

the web you have weaved

You weave them so well

those stories

you tell

And then they


and you wonder why they leave

So cool with that poker face

you know,

the one

that shows the hand

you’re holding


Time Filler

Have you ever been

or felt

like a time filler

When your nights are lonely

call on me

When your days are empty

seek me

I will fill the in between

when there is no one else

It’s a pattern

A thought

A process

to become this skilled

at something so fucking

ridiculously stupid

To be a go to

To fill needs

and brushed away

Too bad you can’t get paid

for something you’re so

fucking good at….




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