48 hours ago


48 hours ago

I touched some old wounds

I remembered how hurt I’ve been

I felt the tears well

And the pain come up

Never enough


Somehow too much

48 hours ago

I allowed myself a few tears

12 hours later a few more

And again this evening

I seek meaning

I teeter for hours

And moments

And a few days

48 hours ago

I was reminded how much I’ve endured

How many times I set myself aside

And all the hurt feelings I held in

48 hours ago I embraced the woman I am and the knowledge that I will never change

But yet….

I’m so different from 48 hours ago


One half

Of two wholes


Holding hands

Kissing at midnight


On rainy nights


the kind you look at and know they are in love

She matches his gaze

He holds her hand


Their bubble

You know them together

even when they part

On sunny days

in the dead of night

and the crack of dawn

She finds her way perfectly into

the curve of his body

during the night

Their space

and they each

have space


the kind you look at and know they are in love

Yes, those kind of couples


Would you care to dance?

I stand next to you

close enough to feel the warmth of your body

but I don’t touch you

Have we met before?

I can smell the scent of your body

strong and protected from your day

I crave you

in the most innocent ways

searching for deep satisfaction

blinded by the human eye

I have learned my demons well , I suppose

they areĀ old friends now

I trace the razor-sharp edges

of the monsters you call your own

Fear is non-existent

instead I welcome them

and ask them if they

would care to dance…..



This day…..

She seeks solace in their bathtub

Candles flicker and shadows dance across the wall

The house is silent

She dries off and slips into the bed they share

She misses him, but knows he will be next to her soon

She falls asleep under the sheets waiting for him

Her back is exposed as well as one leg

The room is cool and

The sun is setting

The room is harmonic hues of soft light

Vanilla falls from her skin and dances across the room

He can smell the scent of her as soon as his keys hit the door

He can taste her kisses which seek only to please him

and he searches for her

He can feel her softness before he finds her

Her dark hair falls across the pillows in soft curls

And he sees her

No one really ever has

He traces her spine with his fingertips

Her breathing is steady and soft

He leans in and tenderly places a kiss behind her ear

She has waited for him…..

(Tequila infused writing, for me,  is writing from a raw layer of what you desire and how wonderful it could be…welcome to my nights)

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