I let go….and life happened

When you let go, life happens

Tuning in and tuning out. Dropping into the space that I welcomed Alyse into with me, where time ceases to exist. The space I used to share with her on a weekly basis, writing. Where the inner critic has been laid to rest, where I show up wholly, without hesitation and lay the thoughts on the table and the words flow freely. The one Eric refers to as a black hole if we allow it. What a perfect place to be on this hot summer day. My space, feeling the thoughts and letting the emotions drift to the surface.

I left go and life happened…..

This morning I caught up with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in more than four months. We had a lot to say…when I left her, her words sat with me ” You know what you did right? You let go, and you are getting the life you deserve”.

I let go and life happened……

Life is good. Really, truly good. In the beginning it was an uneasy place to walk. To feel this deeply and appreciate all that is, all that has been and all that is gone. It has all led me here…to this moment. There is no waiting for the ball to drop, those thoughts which are no longer welcome here. It took me some time to realize I was allowing those situations and thoughts to create that ugliness in my life. It is easier to let go, I no longer worry about next week, next month or even next year. There is only here, the present moment, right now. Of course there are plans, dinners, lunches and trips…but thats easy, it will just come. We all risk

I let go and life happened……

I continued to risk. To feel. To believe that happiness does exists. That not all relationships are hurtful and that eventually in the prime of our lives.. we can let go and let life happen.

Peace for your Friday and for your lives ❤

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